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    The Palace <br> of Knossos
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    The Beaches <br> of Greece
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    Monasteries & <br> churches in Greece
The Minoan Palace of Knossos is located 5 km southeast of Heraklion. The first settlement at Knossos dates back to around 7.000 BC, during the Neolithic period. The economic, social and political development of the settlement led at the end of the second millennium BC.
Greece is renowned for a variety of amazing beaches with crystal clear waters. Here you can find places with sun loungers, changing rooms and cafes or desolate paradises away from cities. It is worth noting that all pebble and sandy beaches throughout Greece are municipal, so admission is free.
One of the largest museums in Greece dedicated to Minoan art. Its exposition contains the main, most important exhibits associated with the Minoan civilization of Crete. Today the museum has twenty rooms containing artifacts collected from all over Crete.
Pilgrimage to holy places is still one of the most revered traditions of many people. True believers set out on a journey to receive blessings and honor the memory of their ancestors. Many people around the world strive to visit the Christian shrines of Greece, because Greece is a real stronghold of Orthodoxy.


agios Nikolaos

Fishing boats on the Voulismeni lake in Agios Nikolaos, Crete island, Greece. Images


Agios Nikolaos can rightfully be called one of the most romantic cities in Crete. Hotels, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, cafes - all these you can find here. Agios Nikolaos attracts guests from different parts of the world, with different preferences. The blue waters of the beaches make Agios Nikolaos an ideal holiday destination.



The capital of Crete is Heraklion, which is also the center of the island. Today, it houses not only the city's most famous monuments: the Morosini (Lions) Fountain, the Venetian Lodge, St. Mark's Basilica and the Church of St. Titus, but also lively cafes and bars, as well as many branded shops for good shopping. Take a walk to see the walls of the UNESCO-listed Venetian fortress, and visit the Venetian port of Heraklion with the Koules fortress, located next to the modern port. And this is just the main part of this historic city.



Mykonos is a resort for everyone who wants to get a lot of pleasant experiences and for connoisseurs of luxury. Every year world celebrities gather here. Today this Greek island needs absolutely no advertising. The island is an amazing combination of pristine natural beauty and the social life of the Mediterranean. All guests of the resort can enjoy the amazing scenery where the harbor is framed by a mix of fishing boats and luxury yachts.


Is there a lot to do in Crete? Archaeology, mythology and natural wonders abound on Crete, the largest island in Greece. There is so much to see and discover in each of the four prefectures of the island that, whether you're a history buff, a nature lover or an avid hiker, you won't have an empty afternoon – unless you want to, of course.

  • Exploring Zeus Cave

    Exploring Zeus Cave
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    Snorkeling & Boat Tour
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The impressive cave of Zeus, the Diktaean Cave, is located above the village Psychro in Lassithi Plateau at an altitude of 1025m. The entire great hall has impressive decor with large columns, stalactites and stalagmites.
The sea of Crete is perfect for snorkeling because of its signature crystal-clear waters. Crete makes up the 5th largest island of the Mediterranean region, and its seashore boasts areas with visibility of up to 30 meters.
Live a lifetime experience. Feel the charm of the beautiful beaches and see the stunning landscapes high up in the mountains that will be carved deep in your memory.
The ultimate machine to make this an unforgettable experience. This offroad activity in Crete has to be fun, comfortable and safe.
Based on authentic recipes and using fresh ingredients from the Cretan land we will take you on a unique journey of flavors and tradition. Experience the Cretan gastronomy and learn to create healthy dishes.
ACQUA PLUS is by far the most popular water park on the island of Crete, for twenty years now it offers great fun and good service to more than 100000 satisfied clients per year, is situated 5km from Hersonissos and only 30km from the city of Heraklion. It’s next to the Crete Golf Club.
One of the largest and most modern aquariums in Europe, CretAquarium was founded and operates as part of the HCMR.